Ladan Vakili, DMD

Why Kids Should Smile

We are only as happy as our saddest child. Whether you believe that statement to be true or not, we can all agree that mothers want their sons to be happy. What father doesn’t love to see his daughter grinning? And what’s the universal indicator of a happy kid? A smile. If you knew the […]

Healthy Holiday Eating Guide for Kids

Holiday stress stats show that almost 70% of Americans feel short on time during the often chaotic, celebratory end-of-year stretch. And when we are rushed, stressed, and busy, our health—oral and overall—seems to be the first casualty. As parents, what are you doing to ensure your kids’ health is protected as they deck the halls […]

Healthy Summertime Snacks for the Whole Family

Right about now, we are all knee-deep in summer. And from campouts and bike rides to river rafting and beach trips, just about every outdoor activity requires a tasty treat. As you’re packing your picnic baskets and ice chests, mindful of your child’s health, both oral and overall, what are you mindfully making sure to […]