Why Choose Ladan Vakili, DMD

Your Pediatric Dentist in Kentfield, CA

Children are often apprehensive about visiting the dentist. It is understandable; they are facing something unknown. That’s why Dr. Vakili and her dental care team take the time to make every child feel welcome and comfortable when visiting our office, whether it is their first visit or their fiftieth. We get to know our patients personally, including their families, likes, and dislikes, so we can make a dental appointment something they look forward to instead of dreading.

Families throughout the Bay Area have recognized our dedication to creating a positive experience for every child. We are proud to have been awarded the Bay Area Parent’s Best of the Best Family Favorite. This honor reflects our commitment to exceptional pediatric dental care and the trust we’ve built with parents and children alike. Dr. Vakili‘s approach ensures that every visit is stress-free and enjoyable, fostering a lifetime of healthy dental habits and happy smiles.

Friendly & Warm Child-Focused Care

If your child fears the dentist, we invite you to bring them to our office for a tour before their first appointment. They can get to know our staff and become familiar with the surroundings. At each appointment, we take the time to explain procedures and let our patients know what we are doing so they feel in control and understood. Respect and friendship combine to put your child at ease for better oral health care.

Our emotional support dog, Phoebe, is a particular hit with children who may have dental anxiety, sensory issues, or are nervous. Phoebe’s soft fur, expressive eyes, and small stature make her the ideal cuddle companion to soothe nerves before and during pediatric dental procedures. Phoebe is undeniably Dr. Vakili’s most popular employee!

Comfortable & Fun Environment

A kid’s dentist’s office should be comfortable and fun rather than intimidating. Our office and treatment rooms are brightly lit, boldly colored, and filled with relaxing images. Soothing seascapes, toys, and fun-loving professional staff who engage your child’s imagination all contribute to a fun, relaxed environment.

State-of-the-Art Technology for Your Child’s Health

Your child’s comfort and safety are paramount. We invest in the latest technologies to ensure every treatment, from a routine checkup to emergency dental care, is performed under stringent health and safety guidelines.

  • MERV-13 air filtration system and Radic8 Air Sterilizer for cleaner air.
  • Self-contained, anti-microbial water systems.
  • Multiple rounds of instrument sterilization.
  • Office disinfection multiple times daily with non-toxic disinfectants.
  • Digital X-rays minimize radiation exposure and eliminate the need for chemicals.

Convenient Scheduling & Emergency Availability

A child’s toothache can be debilitating to both the child and the parent. Tooth pain is often severe in children and may interfere with their ability to eat, drink, or rest. Dr. Vakili does not want any child to suffer unnecessarily. If your child has a dental emergency, we can be reached at Kentfield Office Phone Number 415-454-6414 after office hours. We will do everything possible to see your child on the same day.

Family time is valuable, and today’s families have packed schedules. Finding time to see the dentist can be difficult, but we schedule your kid’s dentist appointment when convenient for you. Call our office at Kentfield Office Phone Number 415-454-6414 or use our easy online scheduling form to set up an appointment.