Special Office Features

Digital X-Rays

We use digital x-rays in our office, utilizing a sensitive phosphor plate, that allows for a digital image to be stored for each patient. This system allows for minimal processing downtime, no chemicals and significantly less radiation.

Contactless Forms

We have implemented a state of the art software and database system that allows for contactless forms, documentation, and appointment tracking. We also send email reminders for your child’s appointments, making it easier for you to keep track and confirm your appointments. These upgrades allow for contactless interactions with our office. We are also constantly working on the new state of the art digital features that will be implemented down the line.


We have installed a MERV-13 filter into our existing ventilation system for
enhanced air filtration.

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MERV-13: The Best-Fit Filter for Asthma and Allergies

The MERV-13 filter proactively captures even the most microscopic particles from the air. Reduce
allergy and asthma triggers by capturing the unwanted allergens from your home or of ice including
mold, dust mites, bacteria, and harmful virus carriers. Ideal for families and large businesses, MERV-13 air filters promote a clean, healthy environment.

Particles Filtered

diagram of particles that are filtered out of the air

Specialized Aerosol Reduction

We use specialized suctions and mirrors to reduce aerosols and contamination during every dental procedure. We use a soft suction system that sits comfortably in your child’s mouth and provides constant high volume suctioning during dental procedures. It also reduces any bad flavors during their dental visit. We also use specialized mirrors that also suction which further reduces aerosols. & safety during your visit.

Self-Contained Central Water Systems

All of our dental units and chairs have a closed water system that uses refillable bottles. Each dental system is equipped with a special microbiological monitoring and cleansing system, which provides 24/7 cleansing and monitoring of each dental unit water system

Vacuum Line Maintenance

All of our vacuum lines are cleaned daily with special disinfectants.

Instrument Sterilization

All of our dental instruments are first washed and scrubbed to remove debris. They are then placed in an ultrasonic washer and cleaned with a special medical grade detergent. We then place them in high heat and high-pressure autoclaves for further sterilization. All instruments are placed in a special sterilization bag that has an indicator, which lets us know that each instrument has been properly and adequately sterilized.

Non Toxic Disinfectants

We have implemented enhanced sterilization methods for additional disinfection and safety since the COVID-19 pandemic. We utilize a powerful and non-toxic disinfectant which is on the EPA N list for COVID-19 and other bacteria and viruses. We always elect environmentally friendly and non- toxic options for the safety of our patients and the community. We use a fogger and disinfect the entire office multiple times a day.

Medical Laundry Service

For additional safety precautions, we use a medical linen service that picks up and wash all of the gowns and scrubs weekly, and provides clean industrial and medical grade laundry services.


When seeing patients ALL our clinical staff wears a 3M respirator mask, goggles, face shield, a level 2 fluid-resistant gown, and hair covering. Our PPE is wiped and cleaned with disinfectants that are on the EPA-N list for Covid-19 as well as all other viruses and bacteria. We launder and clean our PPE daily.

fogger that sprays disinfectant into the air


We use a commercial-grade fogger that can spray disinfectant in small microparticles, to clean and disinfect the office several times a day. Utilizing our fogger we spray hypochlorous acid (on EPA N-list), which is a non-toxic & powerful disinfectant with a virus kill time of under 60 seconds, throughout the office in every room, daily.

Radic 8 Air sterilizer

To ensure the air that our patients and staff are breathing is safe, our office utilizes the Radic 8 Air Sterilizer. To learn more about how it works, visit their website: www.radic8.com

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