We are only as happy as our saddest child. Whether you believe that statement to be true or not, we can all agree that mothers want their sons to be happy. What father doesn’t love to see his daughter grinning? And what’s the universal indicator of a happy kid? A smile.

If you knew the impact a smile had on your child’s health, would you make every effort to encourage giggles and draw out those happy expressions? Smile-making might be one of the very best, most effective, and easiest things in your toolbox when it comes to raising healthy kids.

Eating right and getting plenty of rest are important habits to reinforce. But how about replacing vitamins with smiles? Read on to discover the countless benefits smiling has on your child’s mind, body, and overall well-being.

Your Child’s Mind

Stress Relief

Every time your child smiles, neuropeptides are released, relaxing her body and lowering her heart rate and blood pressure. When she’s upset over friends or homework, getting her to smile will help her relax.

Pain relief

Endorphins are released from the brain to act as a natural pain reliever. When your little guy falls and tears fill his eyes, what’s even better than kissing it better? Get him to smile.


Depression is common among kids these days. Thankfully, our brains are designed to release serotonin which naturally lifts the mood. So, when your little girl is feeling down, make her smile in the way only your know-how, and see if it lifts her spirits.

Heart Health

Smiling often leads to laughter, and when it does, heart rates speed up, muscles relax, and heart rates and blood pressure slow down. Go the extra mile to make your child laugh, and you’ll get them ahead in life, reducing the risk of heart disease!

Immune System Booster

Kids seem to catch every bug that floats through the air, and keeping them healthy seems like an impossibility. But studies show that laughter (which involves smiling) releases molecules in your brain that fight illness while, conversely, negative thoughts can bring down your body’s immunity. How can you help your child to turn that frown upside down? Figure it out, and your child may dodge the next flu bug.

Your Child’s Body

Physical Appearance

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. As we train up our kids, model this maxim. Help them believe that it’s a smile that makes a person beautiful. A smiling person is generally perceived as someone who is relaxed and happy, confident and sincere. Maybe the first thing we should teach our kids is to smile.


A study, using photographs of facial expressions to measure levels of emotion, found a link between smile intensity and long lives. The bigger the smile, the longer the life. It’s never too early to start giving your kid that advantage.

Your Child’s Social Life


Smile at your child and watch them return the smile. (They won’t be able to resist.) Likewise, when you see them smiling, you can’t help but smile too. If smiling is contagious, your daughter’s smile will bring a smile to someone else, altering his or her outlook. Your daughter will do her friends a favor, using her smile to spread kindness and cheer.


Growing up can be rough, especially when it comes to relationships. Have you noticed how people are drawn to those who smile? Smilers are seen as likable and positive. And being likable makes it simpler to develop and maintain friendships. Teach your kids to smile more and watch how their social circles expand!

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